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Genomics Research Container Architecture

ORCA is a platform for bioinformatics analysis. It is suited for those wishing to conduct self-serve analysis using their own existing data. Hundreds of bioinformatics tools from Brewsci/bio are installed in the ORCA Docker image using Linuxbrew.

To quickly get up and running with ORCA, run...

docker run -it -v$HOME:$HOME -w$HOME bcgsc/orca

See versions.tsv for the complete list of installed tools, and see the ORCA web site for more information. The changes in formulae versions from the previous release of ORCA are listed at

Configurig ORCA for local usage is provided here. Configuring ORCA for use on a multi-user system is described for Hackseq2017 and MICB405.


Interested users may contribute new bioinformatics tools, or new versions of existing tools, to Brewsci/bio, which builds binary packages for both Linux and macOS. These contributed tools will be included in the next release of ORCA.