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Consider different schemas in the Table Data functions #158

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In my test environment I have a postgres database where the tables aren't under the "public" schema. The Table Data functions aren't able to find my tables. Ex:
My schema is named foo and I have a table named bar. The following code will show false.


I've attached a patch that solves this issue by allowing me to indicate at the database configuration which schemas I want to use. Maybe it's not the correct approach to the project but I like CodeIgniter and wanted to help somehow. Nice work guys!


Any news on this? I use postgresql and need the ability to use schemas other than public. Will the mentioned patch work with the current-stable/development builds of CI? If it will can I get access to it as it doesn't appear to be available at the moment?


heloo, any news over patch!?


I've not been able to find the old patch that was submitted when CI was hosted on Bitbucket so someone else is going to have to recreate and submit this patch


its possible that the codeigniter oracle patch could works? remenber that oracle always use shemas...


Oracle's schemas represent the username that accesses data in them, so that's a non-issue there.

@narfbg narfbg closed this in 485a348
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