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Clone of Stockfighter server written in Clojure

What is it?

The beginnings of a server re-implementation for Stockfighter's trading levels. Right now it implements all of the HTTP Stockfighter trading API, documented at:

Websockets, position tracking and user will be implemented at some point in the future.

How do I use it?

The easiest way to try it is:

  1. Install Clojure and Leiningen
  2. Compile everything into one .jar file with 'lein uberjar'
  3. Run with java -jar
  4. Use the API as you usually would at http://localhost:5000

Currently no account verification is implemented, and the server is only minimally tested.


  • Add websockets
  • Add account authentication/verification
  • Add score tracking
  • Add some way to configure venues/symbols
  • Try multimethods instead of case statements
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