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Hello, Goodbye

A browser extension that blocks annoying chat widgets (example: intercom). Available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari and as a blocklist to integrate into existing blockers.



Do you like this project?

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Thank you for contributing to the extension.

If you just want to add a quick fix: Edit the file and start a pull request.

If you found a bug or would like to suggest a new feature: Please check if there is an existing open issue, concerning yours and open a new one if there isn't.

If you would like to just help out or work on an existing issue: Please navigate to the issues tab and comment on an existing open issue, that you would like to work on that.

Please wait for me to approve your issue or request, before beginning work. Fork the repository and follow the installation instructions below on how to get the extension running on your machine. When you're done open a pull request to the dev branch.


If you just want to install the extension, please download it here. If you want to contribute to the extension, please follow these instructions.

  1. Clone this repository
  2. npm install (this is to automatically apply code formatting before you commit)

On Chrome

  1. Open chrome://extensions in Chrome.
  2. Activate "Developer Mode"
  3. Choose "Load Unpacked"
  4. Choose the Chrome Folder

Keep this website open. You will need to press the reload button after changes.

On Firefox

  1. zip the contents of the "Chrome" folder. Not the folder itself
  2. Navigate to about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox in Firefox
  3. Choose "Load Temporary Add-On"
  4. Select the zip file you just created.

You will need to re-zip the contents of the "Chrome" folder, after you made changes. If you replace the old zip file with the new one, you will be able to simply press "reload" to see changes in Firefox.


Thank you to everyone supporting me by contributing to this repository or buying me a chai tea on Buy me a coffee:

  • @CohanRobinson
  • Buy me a coffee Crew
  • @josephmxm
  • Stéphane
  • Sunny Singh
  • Tucker
  • @troyd
  • Evan
  • Fajar Siddiq


Bruce Roettgers