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A browser extension to block annoying chat bubbles from Intercom & Co.
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A browser extension to block annoying chat bubbles from Intercom & Co.

Visit website

Add to Chrome

Add to Firefox

Filter list for ad blockers


Please join us on our Slack workspace. We will be happy to discuss things :)

I am searching for contributors like you! If you are interested check out the pinned issue.

If you found an error, or a domain is not blocked, please open a pull request with the necessary changes (if possible) or open a new issue.

If you want to add a new feature, please first open an issue to discuss it before starting to work on it.

Thank you for helping to make this extension better :)

To get started you can also look into existing issues and try to solve them, there are some that dont even require code.


To get the development started:

  1. Open Chrome and visit the extensions page.
  2. Activate developer mode so you can load unpacked extensions.
  3. Press Load Unpacked
  4. Select the Chrome folder in this repo
  • When you make changes make sure to click refresh to see them.
  • Errors stay until you click Clear. (They won't go away when you refresh)

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Thank you so much to these awesome people for buying me a coffee on the donation page.


Bruce Roettgers

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