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Sample code for my "OSGi for mere mortals" presentation at ApacheCon NA 2011

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OSGi for mere mortals

This is the code of my "OSGi for mere mortals" presentation at ApacheCon NA 2011, and ApacheCon EU 2012, - a small standalone RESTful server built from scratch using OSGi Declarative Services.

The slides at should help you walk through the code.

The example demonstrates the complete lifecycle of an OSGi application, from starting the framework and installing the required bundles to running the app itself.

The Maven build is also a useful example of how to create OSGi bundles in a simple way.

To build the runnable jar, run mvn clean install at the top of the source code tree (using Apache Maven 3.0.3 or later).

You can then start the server from the launcher subfolder by running

java -jar target/osgi-for-mere-mortals-launcher-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

(or whatever the name of that jar file is).

The OSGi console shown in the slides is at http://localhost:8080/system/console

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