Flying toasters screensaver, except they're webpages. And they're not flying. So really, just a screensaver with a configurable webpage
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Web Toasters is a simple Mac OS X screensaver that will allow you to make any into a screensaver. Really, that's kind of it.

Getting Web Toasters

You can get the source by cloning it from Github:

$ git clone git://

Or you can just download the built screensaver:

Installing Web Toasters

If you are trying to install from source, I think you know enough to be able to install it after you build it in Xcode

From the zip file, double click to unzip it. And then double click on the "WebToasters.saver" file and it should install onto your computer

To Change the Webpage

Go to System Preferences, then Desktop & Screen Saver. In the Screen Saver tab, look for the WebToasters screensaver.

Once you select it, you can click on the Options button to change the URL of the webpage that you want.


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