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Check environment for readiness to get started with VMware VVols on Pure Storage FlashArray
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Pure Storage VVols Readiness Checker

This script will:

  • Check for Purity 5.0.9+ or 5.1.5+
  • Check for vCenter 6.5+ and ESXi 6.5+
  • Check that FlashArray is accessible on tcp port 8084
  • Check that an NTP server is set, valid, and daemon running on ESXi hosts and that an NTP server is set and valid on FlashArray
  • Check for replication, remote side needs to meet above criteria too!

All information logged to a file.

This can be run directly from PowerCLI or from a standard PowerShell prompt. PowerCLI must be installed on the local host regardless.


  • FlashArray //m and //x
  • vCenter 6.5 and later
  • PowerCLI 6.3 R1 or later
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