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A one-time-payment filehosting site, using Bitcoin, in Go.
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The prototype for a file sharing website I'm working on.

Use with caution, there are still some issues I'm working on.

MIT Licensed.

Donate: 19DjXPi3SRPLHizWvXaNN9DuxQnCvgw5qj


  1. In config.json, edit the settings:
    • Set name to the name you want for your host.
    • Set url to the url for your host.
    • Set callbacksecret to a secret callback endpoint. (hagh243akghjkahg67q5894eyhauhgakjh4234fakj is a good example. url/callbacksecret is the url for the callback used by coinbase.)
    • Set baseprice to the base price per megabyte (in satoshis).
    • Set minprice to the minimum price per file (in satoshis).
    • Set coinbasekey to your Coinbase API key (for billing customers).
  2. Start Petulant-Lana.

You can use the option --port to choose the port to run on. 8080 is default.

Why the name?

I chose a random one provided by github. Not very descriptive though :P

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