An implementation of Apache's svndumpfilter that solves some common problems. Contains bugfixes and new features that are not yet included in the main repo.
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An implementation of Apache's svndumpfilter that solves some common problems.


svndumpfilterIN was developed on a Linux machine using

  • Python 2.6.6
  • nosetests version 1.1.2


WARNING Before starting the filter, make sure that the user running it has sufficient permissions to perform svnlook on your target directory.

Usage: [OPTIONS] <input_dump> <SUBCOMMAND> [args]

Example Usage:

sudo python input_name.dump include directory_name -r repo_path -o output_name.dump

Runs the svndumpfilter on input_name.dump from repo_path to carve out directory_name and save the result to output_name.dump.


The filter relies on svnlook to pull excluded files/directories that are eventually moved into included directories.


  1. Drops empty revision record when all node records are excluded from revision

Example : You have a revision record, but all the paths are for excluded directories. The result is that the node record will not show up in the final dump file.

  1. Renumbers revisions based on revisions that were dropped.

Example: There are 5 revisions and 3 revisions are empty because all their node records are for excluded paths. You will have an output dump file with 2 revisions, numbered Revision 1 and Revision 2.

  1. Scan-only mode where a quick scan of the dump file is done to detect whether untangling repositories will be necessary.

Example of untangling: You have a node record that has a copyfrom-path that refers to an excluded directory. You will need to untangle this by retrieving information about the file that you are copying from and add it to a prior node record.

  1. Ability to strip svn:mergeinfo properties.

Example: You can strip svn:mergeinfo properties. Svnadmin tries to resolve merge info from svn:mergeinfo properties, and in case of heavy filtering they are broken because of the dropped revisions. Such dumps cause svnadmin to fail import.

Arguments: -x, --strip-mergeinfo.

  1. Ability to start filtering at any revision.

Example: You can start filtering at revision 100 if you have already loaded the first 100 previously from another dump file.

  1. Automatically untangles revisions.

Example: Whenever you reference an excluded path from an included node-path, you will automatically have the excluded data loaded in a prior record.

  1. Path matching is done on more than just the top-level.

Example: You can match to repo/dir1/dir2 which is more than the repo/dir1/ which is as deep as some filters can match to.

  1. Added functionality to add dependent directories due to matching at more than the top-level.

Example: If you match at more than a top-level, you will need to add dependents for paths that are more than 1 level deep. For example, if you only include repo/dir1, you will need to have a node add repo before the node record that adds repo/dir1.

  1. Paths to include/exclude can now be read from a file.

Example: You can now add --file to specify a file to read matched paths from.

  1. Property tags are added to differentiate dump filter generated items.

Example: For the property header, a key, K 23 as svndumpfilter generated, is appended with a value, V 4 as True.

Contributing / Issues

To file issue reports, use the project's issue tracker on GitHub.

When creating an issue, please provide a sample of the dump file that is creating the problem or provide a method to reproduce it.

Patches are also welcome to the problems you encounter.