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Slides for Galaxy Day (Paris) 2015
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Galaxy Day 2015


ASaiM: a Galaxy framework to analyze gut microbiota data


Massive sequencing data from intestinal microbiota are avaiable in public data repositories (Genbank, ENA, …) but are not easy to identify with associated metadata, query and compare because they are dispatched and possibly underwent different analyses.

To extract useful information from these datasets, they need to be collected and formatted using a similar workflow based on specific gut microbiota databases.

To process and analyze data from gut microbiota, we developed a framework based on a personalized Galaxy instance. In this instance, several tools are incorporated (PRINSEQ, FastQ-Join, SortMeRNA, Reago, usearch, framebot, cd-hit, MetaPhlAn, HUMAnN, QIIME), with databases such as COG (Clusters of Orthologous Groups of proteins) or the catalog of reference genes in the human gut microbiome (Li et al, Nature Biotechnology, 2014). We defined some standard workflows using these tools and databases.

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