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BEdita 4, official admin webapp

Official admin webapp built on top of BEdita 4 APIs and its JavaScript SDK




To create your webapp in public/ simply run:

# Install dependencies
rna install
# Create JavaScript and CSS bundles in public/
rna build

Local server

# Install dependencies
rna install
# Start the first build and the local server
rna start

A local server will start at http://localhost:3000. Enjoy!

You simply need to add BEdita 4 base URL and the (optional) API KEY directly in the manager app to start working on a project.

Env vars

In order to pre-load a BEdita base URL and API KEY you can set BEDITA_API and BEDITA_API_KEY environment variables before bundle creation, i.e. just before rna start or rna build command.

# Add BEdita base URL env variable
export BEDITA_API='https://your-bedita-base-url'
# Add API KEY variable
export BEDITA_API_KEY='your-bedita-access-key'


To build the Docker image from your current working copy, you can run the following command:

# Build using the default Node environment
docker build -t bedita/manager .


After you have either built the image, or pulled it from the Docker hub, you can run a Docker container to access the BEdita admin manager UI.

# Launch manager app without BEdita API connection - you will define it in the app
docker run -p 8080:3000 bedita/manager

# Connect to a BEdita API instance defining API project URL and API KEY via env variables 
docker run -p 8080:3000 \
  --env BEDITA_API=https://your-bedita-base-endpoint \
  --env BEDITA_API_KEY=your-bedita-project-apikey \

Shortly after you have run such command, the BEdita admin manager interface should become available at the port specified in the -p option -- in this case, port 8080, thus http://localhost:8080.


BEdita is released under LGPL, Lesser General Public License.