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A representational state transfer (REST) API is a way to provide compatibility between computer systems on the Internet. The concept was first outlined in a dissertation by Roy Fielding in 2000.

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sam-pires commented Dec 4, 2020

Bug report

Describe the bug

There is an extra space in the French wording in the modal to add a single unilateral relation in the CTB. But I also wonder if the wording is actually correct: for the 2 first relationship types we use "[CT1] a un [CT2]".

See video:

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. In dev env, Go to
tiangolo commented Jun 12, 2020

First check

  • I added a very descriptive title to this issue.
  • I used the GitHub search to find a similar issue and didn't find it.
  • I searched the FastAPI documentation, with the integrated search.
  • I already searched in Google "How to X in FastAPI" and didn't find any information.
  • I already read and followed all the tutorial in the docs and didn't find an answ
travispamaral commented Nov 28, 2017

Hi there! I see that an issue #2884 deeplinking was integrated to 3.x however if I have a hyperlink with a hash to the operationID nothing happens on click. If I reload the page the UI scrolls to the open panel as expected. Is there something I am missing here? My url looks as follows and I am using the 3.0 dist repo installed via npm.

Again when clicked the URL address is updated but nothing h


Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) is an automated, all-in-one mobile application (Android/iOS/Windows) pen-testing, malware analysis and security assessment framework capable of performing static and dynamic analysis.

  • Updated Dec 5, 2020
  • Python
jvigneron commented Nov 28, 2019

Remove any google fonts dependency from api-platform.

Remove the google font stylesheet in line 8 of api-platform\core\src\Bridge\Symfony\Bundle\Resources\views\SwaggerUi\index.html.twig depending on a configuration variable?

I'm working on an intranet application for a big company where any call to the CDN takes 30 seconds

kirillgroshkov commented May 13, 2020

I've read many similar closed issues, but haven't found a good documented solution on what can I do as a consumer of ky package if I need to support e.g iOS 10.0 browser (that breaks on async/await support currently).

I agree that it's not related to ky itself, but can be a nice help for the consumers of the package.

In our particular can we don't use babel (we use typescript), so I'm


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