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This is a repo for Mobile VIN Scanner created by bees4honey.
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VIN Examples

Mobile VIN Scanner SDK

This repo contains source files for native development only. If you need Phonegap plugin use instead.

This is repo for Mobile VIN Scanner SDK created and maintained by bees4honey.

Mobile VIN Scanner SDK allows developers to quickly embed VIN scanning functionality into their iOS, Android and PhoneGap powered apps.

Why we created the SDK? Well, we were in need of good and fast VIN scanner for both iOS and Android. We didn't find any good solution on market, though there are some open source libs, like ZXing or ZBar, they do not provide any acceptable level of quality and performance in case of VIN scanning.

So we created our own VIN Scanner technology keeping in mind that it should be: a) very fast; b) very reliable.

Our SDK is intended to scan only VIN barcode and nothing more, so we have optimized scanning for this one task. We do not use all amount of data received from camera, that's why our SDK is fast. Also as far as we know that we are going to scan VIN, we have implemented verification algorithms, which ensure that VIN number received is correct.

Try our technology

There are two ways to try our VIN scanning technology.

Try our free apps:

  1. iOS
  2. Android

Download appropriate project to try it in your app:

  1. ios_scanner_sdk - native iOS project, which you can build and try.
  2. android_scanner_sdk - native Android project.
  3. Phonegap plugin for iOS and Android platforms. Phonegap plugin has been moved to separate repository:


You are free to download any of our projects and use it in development purpose inside your app.

You are not allowed to comercialize (that is, sell, rent, trade or lease) Mobile VIN Scanner SDK, modify, recompile, reverse engineer or otherwise alter the Mobile VIN Scanner SDK. Please read more about licensing in license_agreement.txt

Without License Key SDK will work in demo mode and amount of scans will be limited per install.

Please contact us at for purchasing details.


Phonegap plugin

Phonegap plugin has been moved to separate repository:

Follow the provided link for Phonegap plugin installation instructions.

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