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s3scripts is a collection of simple shell scripts which allow the use of Amazon's AWS S3 service as a file repository. Most of the scripts provides commands based on various source control systems, though s3scripts doesn't (itself) provide an provisions for version control or branching and merging. Enabling version control on the underlying S3 bucket can provide much of the functionality of version control for individual files.

The basic commands are:

  • s3checkout s3path [local directory]: This copies the three beneath s3path into local directory which defaults to the basename of s3path relative to the current directory.

  • s3update [local directory]: This updates the contents of local directory and it's children from S3. It fails (exiting with status 1 and a message) if local directory was not checked out using s3checkout.

  • s3commit [local file...]: This saves each local file to the corresponding location in the S3 bucket from which it's parent directory was checked out.