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Monokai Pro themes for Emacs





monokai-pro-theme is available in MELPA.

You can install it with the following command:

M-x package-install monokai-pro-theme

To load one of the themes on emacs startup, add this to your init file:

(load-theme 'monokai-pro t)


The use-package block is fairly similar to package.el.

(use-package monokai-pro-theme
  :ensure t
  (load-theme 'monokai-pro t))

Note that use-package tries to defer packages if at all possible, so you may need to add :demand to the use-package block.


Above, there’s a use-package block listed for general use, but if you want to run these themes out of the git repo, there’s a bit more work which needs to be done. I use something similar to the following:

(use-package monokai-pro-theme
  :ensure nil
  :load-path "site-lisp/monokai-pro-theme"
  (load-theme 'monokai-pro t))

This block assumes the repo is cloned to ~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/monokai-pro-theme. That needs to be added to the load path (along with specifying :ensure nil if needed so use-package doesn’t try to grab the package from melpa). Additionally, the build directory needs to be added to the custom-theme-load-path to ensure load-theme can find the themes.


Current maintainer: belak

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