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A macOS system monitor in Swift, inspired by top & htop. Displays live readings of system CPU & memory usage, machine temperature sensors, fan speeds, battery information and other miscellaneous system statistics. The ncurses based TUI (text-based user interface) uses color coating to imply status and is fully resizable. Stats are updated at one second intervals while still maintaining low overhead (the observer effect is inescapable in this case sadly).

alt text


  • Exploration of Swift. In particular, systems programming and interfacing with low-level C APIs

Homebrew 🍺

$ brew install dshb



Make sure to use the recursive option on clone to auto init all submodules.

git clone --recursive

Incase you have already cloned the repository, run the following inside the project directory.

git submodule update --init


This will build dshb from source and place the binary and manual page in your path.

make install


  • ncurses
    • For drawing to the terminal (tested with version 5.4 - default on macOS)
  • SystemKit
    • For almost all statistics
  • SMCKit
    • For temperature & fan statistics
  • CommandLine
    • For the CLI
  • ronn
    • For generating the manual page

All Git submodules are built part of the project as simply source files, not frameworks (which are essentially dynamic libraries). This is because currently, the Swift runtime dynamic libraries must be packaged with the application in question. In the case of dshb, a single binary is generated which has the runtime statically linked. Thus, frameworks, which expect to find the libraries inside the application bundle (.app), cannot "see" them.

For more see:



This project is under the MIT License.


Working on this always brought a smile to my face. I hope it brings a smile to yours too. Enjoy :)

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