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Command Line Flags

To print available command line flags, defaults and descriptions run: rtlamr -h

Usage of rtlamr:
  -duration=0s: time to run for, 0 for infinite, ex. 1h5m10s
  -filterid=: display only messages matching an id in a comma-separated list of ids.
  -filtertype=: display only messages matching a type in a comma-separated list of types.
  -format=plain: decoded message output format: plain, csv, json, or xml
  -msgtype=scm: comma-separated list of message types to receive: all, scm, scm+, idm, netidm, r900 and r900bcd
  -samplefile=NUL: raw signal dump file
  -single=false: one shot execution, if used with -filterid, will wait for exactly one packet from each meter id
  -symbollength=72: symbol length in samples (8, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96)
  -unique=false: suppress duplicate messages from each meter
  -version=false: display build date and commit hash

rtltcp specific:
  -agcmode=false: enable/disable rtl agc
  -centerfreq=0: center frequency to receive on
  -directsampling=false: enable/disable direct sampling
  -freqcorrection=0: frequency correction in ppm
  -gainbyindex=0: set gain by index
  -offsettuning=false: enable/disable offset tuning
  -rtlxtalfreq=0: set rtl xtal frequency
  -samplerate=0: sample rate
  -server= address or hostname of rtl_tcp instance
  -testmode=false: enable/disable test mode
  -tunergain=0: set tuner gain in dB
  -tunergainmode=false: enable/disable tuner gain
  -tunerxtalfreq=0: set tuner xtal frequency

Environment Variables

For ease of use with various process management systems, flags can be overridden with environment variables. Environment variables have the form RTLAMR_FLAGNAME where FLAGNAME is the flag's name in upper case.

If an environment variable and command line flag are specified simultaneously, the command line flag takes precedence. For example using the -msgtype flag:

Environment Variable Command Line Flag Resulting Value
None None scm
None -msgtype=idm idm
RTLAMR_MSGTYPE=idm -msgtype=r900 r900
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