Multi Protocol Decoding

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Rtlamr now has preliminary support for concurrent multi-protocol decoding. A few design decisions make certain pairs of protocols very efficient to decode simultaneously, while others require almost all of their own signal processing to arrive at a decoded message.


  • -msgtype takes a comma-separated list of protocols to decode simultaneously.
  • Protocols with the same preamble will share some signal processing steps to improve performance.
  • -msgtype=all includes the following protocols: scm, scm+, idm, r900 and is intended to be used for discovery. The omitted protocols share preamble and CRC with at least one protocol in the list and differ only in packet interpretation.
  • r900 and r900bcd are fairly resource heavy and should not be used concurrently with other protocols on low-power systems like RPi's.
Protocol Preamble Comment
scm 0x1F2A60
scm+ 0x16A3
idm 0x555516A3 Used with type 7 meters.
netidm 0x555516A3 Same as idm, used with type 8 meters.
r900 0xE564
r900bcd 0xE564 Same as r900, used for meters reporting binary coded digits for consumption.
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