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Filtration is an editor for Path of Exile item filter scripts.

Current Release (Released 2019-09-11)


System Requirements

Filtration requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed.


  • Quick and easy editing and creation of item filter scripts - no direct editing of scripts required
  • Full support for all item filter attributes
  • Visual preview of colour settings
  • Copy & paste filter blocks between scripts
  • The Theme Editor allows you to create themes for scripts that support them, allowing you to easily change the colours of item filter scripts.
  • The Replace Colors tool allows you to quickly replace all instances of particular color combinations throughout a script
  • The Block Group Browser allows users of your scripts to easily toggle Show/Hide for groups of blocks.

Notes for Script Creators

If you'd like to make your script fully compatible with Filtration, please take a look at the Notes for Script Creators wiki page.


Main Window

Theme Editor

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