A Python library to check for (and clean) profanity in strings.
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A Python library to check for (and clean) profanity in strings.

![Q-Bert spitting some profanity][logo] [logo]: http://i.imgur.com/kmz4Qx7.png

##Installation pip install profanity

##Usage from profanity import profanity profanity.contains_profanity("You smell like shit.") Out: True

profanity.censor("You smell like shit.")
Out: 'You smell like !@#$.'

# load my own custom bad words
custom_badwords = ['happy', 'jolly', 'merry']                           

profanity.contains_profanity("Have a merry day! :)")
Out: True


  • Load your own wordlist, or use the bundled one.
  • Censors words using standard censor characters (!@#$%), or load your own censor characters.
  • Uses a pool of censor characters to create a more natural censor string.
  • Censors all instances of a given word with the same censor string - for easy correlation.


  • Support for whole words vs. partial words
  • Regex support

I love Forks, Pull Requests, and Bugs!

I wrote this to satisfy my needs. Please feel free to contribute if you have other needs that you think others would benefit from!

Feel free to contact me: http://www.bugben.com