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Domain Inventory

Tracks Federal .Govs by Agency, Status, Non-WWW Support, IPv6 Support, CDN, CMS, Cloud Provider, Analytics, JavaScript Libraries, and HTTPs support.

Included Files

  • domain-inventory.php - Main file in the form of a WordPress plugin to curate the domains
  • data_dump.xml - WordPress compatible XML dump of domains and data
  • domain_list.csv - List of Federal Executive .govs in CSV format
  • import.php - script to import CSV into WordPress (run directly)
  • count-post.php - generates initial post to be used with count shortcode, helps with UI (run directly)
  • count-severs.php - example of how to count servers by OS and version (run directly)
  • dups.php - generates list of duplicate domains based on MD5 checksum of content (run directly)


  • The CMS and Script detection, although generally accurate, in not foolproof. It works by sniffing references to known elements of CMSs (such as WordPress's use of the wp-content directory), and may generated some false positives as a result.
  • To update the site-inspector submodule:
cd domain-inspector
git submodule init
git submodule update