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Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing those jobs on multiple queues, and processing them.



Doozque is a fork of Resque which replaces Redis for Doozer. It is an hacky experiment.


Resque is awesome and so is Redis. But Redis is not distributed*. If your redis server goes down, then so does your ability to process jobs. Doozer is distributed and can be setup in a fault tolerent way. You can loose doozerd instances and still process background jobs.


First start doozerd on Add some more doozerd's if you like. *NOTE* you must run this fork of fraggle-block fraggle-block.

% cd examples/demo
% bundle
% bundle exec rackup &
% bundle exec rake doozque:worker QUEUE=*

Browse to and run some jobs. Also check out to see what's happening in your doozer db.

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