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Dark MS Theme

This is simple fork of the Cayman theme, modified with dark background and Microsoft fonts (Segoe UI) and colours, plus some bonus features.


Enable GitHub pages on your repo. Set the theme in _config.yml (in root of your repo) as follows:

remote_theme: benc-uk/theme-msdark


There are a few features and options beyond the basic Cayman theme

Header Buttons

You can modify the buttons shown in the site header via several settings in _config.yml

show_downloads: true/false Show or hide download buttons. Default is hidden

hide_github: true/false Show or hide link to GitHub repo page. Default is shown

Array of custom buttons to show in the header can be set in buttons: Each button item needs two properties text, which is shown on the button, and href which is the link for the button


  - text: Test Header Button
  - text: Blah Test

Header Icon

A semi-translucent icon can be shown in the top right of the header. These icons come from Font Awesome. You can get the list of possible icons here. This example below will show the solid "comment-dots" icon in the header

icon: fas fa-comment-dots

Header Colours

The default header colours are a gradient from light to dark blue, you can change these colours in the _config.yml, as follows:

  right: "#8a108c"
  left: "#cc580c"

Note. Be careful to enclose any HTML colour hex codes (e.g. #00ff00) in double quotes otherwise they will be treated as a comment


Set the URL of a PNG favicon for the site in _config.yml, e.g.

favicon: /assets/img/icon.png

Custom CSS classes

Several custom CSS classes are provided

  • .btn-blue - Convert link to a blue button
  • .btn-green - Convert link to a green button
  • .btn-grey - Convert link to a grey button
  • .framed - Add a frame around images

To use these in Jekyll markdown use the special {: .class} annotation, which you can add after an element e.g.

[I Am A Button](docs/{: .btn-blue}

![framed image](/img/picture.png){: .framed}

Note. Any h4 and h5 headings which are also links will automatically be converted to buttons. This enables you to use buttons without cluttering you markdown with extra annotations, e.g.
#### [Auto Button](



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