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Rezk Completion

This Coq library mechanizes the Rezk completion as described in

It builds upon V. Voevodsky's Foundations library, available on


This library is part of the UniMath repository, available at . The recommended way to obtain this library is to install UniMath. Instructions for installing UniMath can be found on the UniMath web page. The below installation instructions should be considered as obsolete.



The library compiles under Coq8.3pl5, patched according to the instructions given in Lower patch levels of Coq8.3, e.g., Coq8.3pl2, are likely to work as well.


Files used from V. Voevodsky's Foundations:

  • uuu.v
  • uu0.v
  • hProp.v
  • hSet.v
  • funextfun.v

They should be installed in the user-contrib/Foundations directory of Coq, so Coq can find them.

Licensing and copyright

Authors: Benedikt Ahrens, Chris Kapulkin, Mike Shulman

The code in this repository is made available under the terms of "CC0 1.0 Universal", see That means, basically, that we disclaim all rights, including copyright, and put it into the public domain.

The code in this repository is (also) put into the public domain, which means we disclaim any and all copyright protection.