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WakaTime integration in the Unity editor. Enables you to track the time you spend working in the Unity Editor on cool games.

Time spent in Unity will be logged to the scene you are working in and under the language "Unity".


Make sure you have a WakaTime account and your API key handy (pssst you can get your key from here).

  • Copy plugin into your Assets directory
  • Open Unity and navigate to your Preferences.
  • Open up the shiny new WakaTime tab, input your API key, and validate it.

From there the plugin should auto-detect the project (if it matches what you have in WakaTime), but if not you can manually select one from the drop down in the preferences underneath the API key validation button.

Getting Updates

You can update the plugin by clicking the 'Update' button in the top right of the preferences. The plugin will check to see if there are any updates, and ask you if it's ok to install them if there are.

Please note! This has been tested on Mac but has not been extensively tested on Windows. Please note that there may be issues on Windows; if you run into one it would be very appreciated if you submit an issue here on Github so it can be fixed!