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skel35 commented Oct 31, 2019

💻 Environment

Platform: Windows

📒 Description

Implement the scrollbar based on the new design update.


width=2px, rectangular, color=#ff2d55 (Toggl.SecondaryAccentColor), no buttons on the top/bottom

Suggested implementation details:
Create a ResourceDictionary fil

iho commented Jul 25, 2019

Can we have Redmine integration?
I see comments from 2015 from people who want Redmine integration and this page . I thought this integration available only on paid plans but in reality there no additional integrations. I think you need to hide this page until you developed Redmine integration because it is very misleading.

How to help create

serovar commented Oct 19, 2019

Expected Behavior

When the pomodoro timer is used, it would be useful to have a tray indicator that showed the remaining time, and possibly would permit to control the timer itself (playing/pausing the timer, stopping it and skipping the session, like you can do from the main window).

Current Behavior

When using the app we have a not very useful tray icon with the static tick symbol.

JayAige commented Jul 17, 2019

When using the 'duration_only' mode it is allways necessary to enter a time for the start of the entry. As my customers are not really interesseted in the exact time when the work was done, I really appreciate the new 'duration_fixed_start' mode. This really saves me some needless clicks and scrolls. So I configured 'default_begin: 08:00' in my local.yaml to avoid overlapping with the next day, fo

blochwitz commented Jan 22, 2019


when i export time entries into PDF with summary and formatted as table all customers and projects will be listed above the details list without a break.

And in the details table a # is printed instead of the project. Also the user name is not in the summary and in the details table.

A PDF formatted as list holds the user name and above the list the project name...

Screenshot of th

almereyda commented May 10, 2019

When trying to gtt report with

project: degrowth/scriptorium
milestone: "Malmö 2018 II"

set, the command runs into a warning and continues to work indefinitely, without producing any network I/O.

$ gtt report
🔍  Selected projects: degrowth/scriptorium
🔍  Resolving "degrowth/scriptorium"... ✓
📦  Fetching issues... \(node:2
elbenfreund commented May 4, 2018

Part of our port of legacy hamster was the notion of a string representing activity.category=None.
After some deliberation with @jtojnar we agreed that this introduces several issues for no obvious gain.
Activities without a category should simply be rendered as and be done with it.

This issue is about removing all traces of this legacy functionality.

elbenfreund commented Jul 26, 2016

When the factories for AlchemyCategory and AlchemyTag generate names they do not seem to use the actual return value of their word faker but its string representation.
For all intends and purposes with regards to testing this seems good enough, nevertheless it indicates an issue that should be fixed.


[[4] u'<factory.faker.Faker object at 0x7f2e9dcf6490> - 4', [5] u'<factory.fa
Luciano-of commented May 20, 2019

The plugins is perfect, but i installed the plugin and it does not work correctly
I have about 100 active projects and do not work the project dropdown.
I have activated the plugin only in five projects, but only the issues are listed, but not the projects
I do not know if that's why I have activated the favorite_proyect plugin and the database is corrupted
This problem prevents me from modify

QuAzI commented Jul 11, 2017

We use specific apache authentication to protect CRM from world and Redtimer can't work with it because "401 Unauthorized" returned from server. Is any workaround available?

Apache configuration

Listen *:3000
<VirtualHost *:3000>
    DocumentRoot /var/www
    PassengerAppRoot /var/www/redmine
    Alias /redmine/ "/var/www/redmine/public/"
    RailsEnv production
    RailsBaseURI /re

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