AudioPlayer Module for Framer. See the new, Design-compatible Audio module here:
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Framer AudioPlayer Module

The AudioPlayer Module for Framer makes it easier for you to prototype with music. It allows you to easily visualize the time, duration, progress, volume and more. It combines the power of the HTML Audio Methods with the flexibility of Components. The AudioPlayer takes care of the common audio interactions for you, while remaining completely customizable.


1. Audio Player Example

A simple audio-player with the current time and time-left visualized.

2. iOS Music App

Prototype of the iOS music app with a customized progress scrubber and volume slider.

3. Material Music App

Prototype of a material-design music app with multiple songs, next-previous controls and more.

4. Apple Watch Music App

Prototype of the music app, with live time, selection effects and volume adjustments.

AudioPlayer Prototypes Preview

Including the Module

To include the AudioPlayer Class as a module, get the file from within the /module folder and place it within the /modules folder of your prototype.

{AudioPlayer} = require "audio"

Getting Started

The AudioPlayer creates a new Layer for you that includes an audio property.

audio = new AudioPlayer audio: "audio.mp3"

By default, it will look for play.png and pause.png images within your /images/ folder. The appearance of the player itself can also be customized. To include a background-image, for instance:

audio = new AudioPlayer 
	audio: "audio.mp3"
	width: 300, height: 200
	image: "images/bg.png"
	borderRadius: 4

Progress and Volume

Progress Bar

Set showProgress to true to visualize the progress of the current song.

audio.showProgress = true

The entire progress bar, including the knob, can be customized.

audio.progressBar.props = 
	width: 556, height: 14
	backgroundColor: "e7e7e7"
	borderRadius: 0

audio.progressBar.knob.props = 
	backgroundColor: "#FF2D55", 
	width: 3, height: 30
	borderRadius: 4

Volume Bar

Set showVolume to true to create a volume slider.

audio.showVolume = true

Just like the progressBar, the appearance of both the bar and the knob can be customized.

audio.volumeBar.props = 
	width: 540, height: 6
	value: 0.75, knobSize: 35

(Note that iOS doesn't allow you to change the volume via JavaScript, so when previewing on iOS Devices, the volumeBar may be unresponsive)

Showing Time


Set showTime to true. The layer properties (audio.time) and formatting (audio.timeStyle) can be changed as well.

audio.showTime = true


Set showTimeLeft to true.

audio.showTimeLeft = true

timeStyle targets both of the times defined by showTime and showTimeLeft.

audio.timeStyle = { "font-size": "14px", "color": "#888" }

AudioPlayer Previews