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Hopefully all of my dotfiles, and hopefully with a working installer. The config files here eventually should help me move away from my much more manual (but perhaps similarly hacky) system setup guide. Though some of the setup here might work across platforms, everything has been written with my ThinkPad X220 running Ubuntu 16.04 in mind. Beware of installing elsewhere.


To get started, clone this repo and run the included setup script. Note that you will need to install Git first (though you can also manually download and extract the repo to this location, if necessary). The installer will then guide you through the rest of the process, allowing you to choose whether to backup existing dotfiles, install the dotfiles from this repo, or install other software with APT.

# Clone this repo into your home
git clone https://github.com/benjcunningham/dotfiles ~/dotfiles

# Go into the repo
cd ~/dotfiles

# Run the installer
./install.sh -i

Key Features

  • i3 window manager
    • Personalized general config
    • Minimal i3lock with blur and dim
    • i3blocks bar with network and screen temp toggles
    • Rofi, as dmenu replacement
  • Key remappings
  • GTK themeing and icons
  • Brave and Chromium browsers
  • OpenVPN with Private Internet Access support
  • R and RStudio
    • Global .Rprofile config
    • Package backup and installation
  • Jekyll, for GitHub Pages
  • Media tools like GIMP, Google Music Manager, MKVToolNix, and VLC