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Arduboy Rubber Ducky
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Arduboy Rubber Ducky

by Benji Encalada | @benjifs


This is a simple application to manage and run DuckyScript payloads for HID Attacks from your Arduboy. This project was inspired by the USB Rubber Ducky with help from Dckuino.js for translating DuckyScript payloads to Arduino.


To compile and upload this code to your Arduboy you're going to need to install the Arduino IDE as well as the Arduboy2 library.


After you've uploaded the Arduboy Rubber Ducky code to your Arduboy you should see a rubber ducky icon on the screen. At this point you should enter the Konami Code to get access to the main menu which shows the available payloads. You can then choose one of the available payloads from the menu and watch it run on your computer.

In order to add your own payloads you will need to convert them from DuckyScript to Arduino. You can do this by using Dckuino.js (You can also go here). After you have converted your payload, you should copy everything that is under the setup function into your own function in the ducky.h file like in the examples. After that just scroll to the bottom of that file and make sure that you've added the function name and a label to properly show this on the menu.

You can remove the Konami Code functionality by changing bool konami in the ArduboyRubberDucky.ino file to false. I only added this for fun.


  • Improve speed at which payloads run.
  • Compare performance to the USB Rubber Ducky.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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