Use Laravel Mix in ExpressionEngine.
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Laravel Mix for ExpressionEngine. This addon brings the mix() method to ExpressionEngine's template system.

Notes and caveats

  • This addon assumes you've already got your webpack.mix.js file and build tools set up, it does not include the base Laravel Mix build tools, read this if you need help getting started with Laravel Mix.
  • Laravel Mix works best compiling assets either alongside or below (not above) the target directory. You should already be running ExpressionEngine's control panel outside the public folder, so use Laravel Mix from there. Here's an example folder structure:
    ├── system/
    │   ├── ee/
    │   └── user/
    │   ├── index.html
    │   ├── index.php
    ├── node_modules/
    ├── public/
    │   ├── assets/
    │   │   ├── css/
    │   │   └── js/
    │   ├── images/
    │   └── themes/
    │   ├── admin.php
    │   ├── favicon.ico
    │   ├── index.php
    │   ├── mix-manifest.json
    ├── resources/
    │   ├── fonts/
    │   ├── js/
    │   └── sass/
    ├── webpack.mix.js
    ├── package.json


  • Copy the mixeer/ folder to system/user/addons/
  • Go to Developer > Addons and install the plugin.


Add the {exp:mixeer} tag to your templates, for example:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{exp:mixeer file='assets/css/app.css'}">
<script src="{exp:mixeer file='assets/js/app.js'}"></script>

You can also pass the manifest_dir parameter if your mix-manifest.json file is not in the root of your public folder:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{exp:mixeer manifest_dir='assets/manifest' file='assets/css/app.css'}">