Composite methods from Laken and Calogovic 2013, JSWSC, in Python
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Composite analysis with Monte Carlo methods: an example with cosmic rays and clouds, in Python


Launch with BINDER.

This notebook is based on a 2013 peer-reviewed paper Laken & Calogovic 2013, published in the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate. The source code, originally in IDL, has been re-written in Python 3, including web-based interactive figures using Bokeh and Plotly. And, taking advantage of the Jupyter Notebook format, the code and text of the manuscript have been mixed together.

You can run the notebook locally, or 100% online via the incredibly cool Binder project (just click the button above).

The code is under The MIT License, while the text of the original journal article is Open Access, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.