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Google Apps script to create endnotes from footnotes in a Google Document
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Endnote Generator

Google documents do not allow you to create linked endnotes in a document. This Google Apps script looks for existing footnotes in a doc and creates an endnotes section from that content.


This is a Google Docs AddOn, so it's easiest to add from the AddOns store in Drive.

Current Version

Current - v0.5 - Footnotes on images are now preserved when converted.

v0.4.7 - Endnotes now retain formatting.

AddOn v0.4 - bug fix to repair the "Run" menu not appearing.

v0.1 - AddOn published

Other Uses

If you want to install and run on a single document, do the following:

  1. Open the document you'd like to create endnotes in.
  2. Go to Tools > Script Editor and delete the default function text in the editor.
  3. Copy the script and paste it into the editor.
  4. Name the script "Endnotes", save the file, and close the tab.
  5. Reload your document.
  6. There is a new menu item called "Create Endnotes." Use it to run the script.

Known issues

  • It only loops through paragraph elements in the doc, so if you have a footnote on an image, it's going to throw an error.
  • Creating endnotes removes all footnotes from the document, meaning if you go back and add a footnote, it starts over with 1.


This is provided AS IS under the MIT Open License.

It was a fun little project and not something I plan on really improving a lot more. Feel free to fork and update however you'd like.

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