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Noteworthy is currently in development! I work on Noteworthy in my free time, so progress comes in bursts. I hope to have a public beta available for release before January 2022.

Noteworthy (

A free, open-source, local-first Markdown editor built with ProseMirror.

  • Works directly with your local files, entirely offline.
  • Write your notes in Markdown, with syntax extensions like citations and block directives.
  • Build your own personal wiki with bidirectional links.
  • Excellent math support — seamlessly transition between source and rendered math, thanks to KaTeX and prosemirror-math.

Excellent Math Support

Inline Math:

inline math

Display Math:

display math


(screenshot taken 12 July 2021)

screenshot from 12 July 2021

(screenshot taken 16 September 2020)

screenshot from 16 September 2020

(screenshot taken 17 September 2020)

screenshot from 17 September 2020

Feature Comparison

The table below compares Noteworthy to other editors with similar features. Of course, each editor has its own unique features not listed! For an even more detailed comparison, check out the exhaustive feature comparison put together by the folks at Athens Research.

feature comparison

If you notice an error in the feature comparison table, please file an issue and I will correct it.

Building Noteworthy

Noteworthy is NOT quite ready for use. However, you can follow these instructions if you really wish to run it.

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd noteworthy
npm install
npm run dist

After building, look in the /dist folder for an executable.


  • Thanks to Marijn Haverbeke for developing ProseMirror!
  • Thanks to Hendrik Erz for keeping Zettlr open source! When I started developing Noteworthy, I had no clue how to set up an Electron app or responsibly interact with the user's file system from Node, and the Zettlr source was a great reference.
  • Thanks to Microsoft for keeping VS Code open source! I learned a lot by reading the source of the VS Code tree viewer and plugin system.
  • Thanks to Fabio Spampinato for releasing the source to an early version Notable!


Markdown editor with bidirectional links and excellent math support, powered by ProseMirror. (In Development!)








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