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UTimer – Not just a timer

utimer is a web utility I wrote to replace the use of google’s timer and/or alarm clock functionality. I’m also sick of trying to find an alternative that isn’t straightforward, and to the point of being a timer.

Currently in Alpha

1 Features

none yet

2 Programming Tasks

2.1 General Features [6/8]

  • [X] Backend timer functionality
  • [X] Simple Timer
  • [X] Better SVG-based timer animations
  • [X] Choice of sounds
  • [X] Cascading tasks timer
  • [X] Dropdown of common timer templates
  • [ ] Different SVG Duration Animations
  • [ ] Fade-in sound timer

2.2 Alternative Features [2/3]

  • [X] Pomodoro Timer
  • [X] Interval Training Timer
  • [ ] UTC-compliant alarm

3 Tidbits

3.1 Force dist folder to gh-pages branch

git push origin `git subtree split –prefix dist master`:gh-pages –force