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ClojureScript is a compiler for Clojure that targets JavaScript. It emits JavaScript code which is compatible with the advanced compilation mode of the Google Closure optimizing compiler. ClojureScript combines the reach of the JavaScript platform, the flexibility and interactive development of Clojure, and the whole-program optimization of Google Closure to provide the most powerful language for programming the web.

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ekkl commented Jul 9, 2018
  1. Select theme with thick strip in line number block.
  2. Save and restart. Open some file. Нou see that the first characters of the lines are hidden under stripe.
  3. Open another file. All display properly.
  4. If you see carefully that the whole block with line numbers in the first case is shifted to the left.
    First file
    First file
Jas0n-F commented Aug 12, 2020

Bug Report


In a private group chat that I created, assigned a name and act as an admin, I am unable to successfully change the name.

Expected behavior

[comment]: # Group chat name is able to be changed

Actual behavior

[comment]: # Group chat name is not able to be changed


For the developer who will be investigating. Is it related to anothe

Klipse is a Javacript plugin for embedding interactive code snippets in tech blogs. A simple client-side code evaluator pluggable on any web page: clojure, ruby, javascript, python, scheme, es2017, jsx, brainfuck, c++, reagent, lua, ocaml, reasonml, prolog, common lisp

  • Updated Sep 17, 2020
  • Clojure

Created by Rich Hickey

Released July 20, 2011

Latest release 5 months ago


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