JavaFX + Bitcoin + Roulette
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Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette Gif

To Run

(0) Configure DB


(1) Build

The client and server communicate through RMI, and share classes through BitcoinRouletteLibrary. Maven has two build profiles:

mvn package -Pclient
mvn package -Pserver

Which build:


(2) Run bitcoind

bitcoind -blocknotify="echo '%s' | nc 4001" -walletnotify="echo '%s' | nc 4002" -alertnotify="echo '%s' | nc 4003" -daemon

(Ports used by BitcoindClient4J)

(3) Run

 java -jar BitcoinRouletteServer/target/bitcoinrouletteserver-1.0.jar
 java -jar BitcoinRouletteClient/target/bitcoinrouletteclient-1.0.jar