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NoFlo and AR.Drone examples
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NoFlo and NodeCopter examples


Clone this repository and install the dependencies with:

$ npm install

Then you can build the client-side file with:

$ grunt build


Connect your computer to the network provided by your AR.Drone. Then start the server-side process that communicates with your drone with:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/noflo graphs/FlowCopter.fbp

Then open one of the client-side files in your browser. If you want to use the gamepad example, you need a compatible gamepad. We've tested this so far only with a USB-connected XBox controller. Click the Start button to get the drone flying.

WebSocket communications

There is a system for communicating between client-side NoFlo flows and Node.js via WebSockets. This is used in the gamepad example.

The protocol is quite simple. Each command is sent as a JSON object, like the following:

  "forward": 0.4


  "land": true

There can be multiple commands in the same payload.