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Updates README to reflect how things work in Rails 3+.

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DRYML was created for the Hobo project, but this is an extraction from
that project and can be used separately.
-# How to use with Rails but without Hobo
+# How to use with Rails 3 but without Hobo
-- install both HoboSupport and Dryml as a plugin or gem
+- Declare the Dryml gem in your `Gemfile`
+ gem 'dryml'
-- create an `application.dryml`
+- Then update your bundle
+ $ bundle install
+- Create an `application.dryml`
$ mkdir app/views/taglibs
$ touch app/views/taglibs/application.dryml
-- create `config/initializers/dryml.rb`
- require 'dryml'
- require 'dryml/template'
- require 'dryml/dryml_generator'
- Dryml.enable
+Now you can use templates that end in ".dryml" or ".html.dryml". Controller
+layouts will still be rendered and will enclose your templates, but you can
+disable them if you wish in your ApplicationController:
-Now you can use templates that end in ".dryml". Such templates will
-ignore layouts.
+ class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
+ layout nil
+ end
# How to use outside of Rails
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