Port of qGo to Qt4. Still somewhat in flux, but should be mostly working.
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q4Go 0.2

This is a port of the last qGo (1.5.2) sources from CVS to Qt4. It should be
considered beta quality. The motivation is simply a personal feeling that
the new GUI in qGo2 is a step backwards, and Qt3 is getting increasingly less

This port was done by Bernd Schmidt <bernds_cb1@t-online.de>.

Below is the old README:

qGo 1.5.2

Startup options:

qGo [options] [<file>]

-sgf		make new sgf file (or simple open a board to play)
-sgf19		same but don't ask and open 19x19 board
-debug		open debug window and show status messages
-desktop	use standard options from desktop
<file>		open file (type sgf, mgt or xml)

qGo is a Go board, SGF editor and client for IGS/NNGS or similar servers.
Go is an ancient boardgame, very common in Japan, China and Korea.

Open index.html for installation support.

support table:

windows:	Qt 3.2.1nc
Linux:		Qt 3.1 and above
Mac OsX:	Qt 3.1 and above

Version 0.1 should be stable including a lot of bugfixes concerning
the go server behavioural.

Version 0.0.14 has many bugfixes and new stones + board coded by
Marin Ferecatu. That's why I dropped the old stones. Further, fonts
and background colors are free selectable.
The autoplay feature can now use sgf time information, thus you can
replay a game in original speed.

Version 0.0.13 offers some teaching tools whereby the teacher starts
a teaching session and his client works as server for the invited
student. The student (if one) is able to play one or both colors, but,
the teacher can always play both colors. Hope this helps for online
There's are a watch list and an exclude list too, whereby
entering/leaving of players can be watched as well as players can be
excluded from shouting. I removed the thousands of talk windows and
added a talk tab inside the client window.
The translations have been
enabled again in Version 0.0.13, but, since Peter and me speak only German
and Enlish, there are only these two translations fixed. Thanks to
Emmanuel Beranger for the French translation.
Look at changelog for more details to this version.

Since Version 0.0.12 qGo has it's own client.

qGo is no longer supported by Qt 2.3nc.


Version 0.0.7 comes with support for translations. Currently there are
english, french and german versions available.
You can chose the language in the preferences dialog. If system default
is selected, the Unix system locale will be used (LANG environment variable).
Somehow I thought on Windows it would also chose the default language, but
this does not work. The locale on my german windows 2000 is "C" - anything
but the "de" or "de_DE" what Qt expects. Well, Windows.... I don't really
care. Set the language manually and you are fine.
You have to restart qGo to let the language change take effect.
Please contact me if you want to translate qGo to your language. I will put
more detailed informations on the qGo webpage at http://qgo.sourceforge.net

I added a patch from Bernd Schmidt fixing a really nasty SGF parser bug.
Thanks, Bernd!

Version 0.0.6 is mainly a maintaining release with bugfixes and minor
feature enhancements.
Translation files (requested by some users) are not yet in. I plan to
release a version for translations soon.

In version 0.0.5 a SDI interface for multiple boards in one running
process is implemented. It is not using threads, so if you load a
large file like Kogos, it will hang up the program while
loading. Maybe I add thread support, not sure yet. You can always
start several processes, that might be safer than threads.

Support for Kanji letters is implemented in 0.0.5. You can now load
and save games with a text encoding, set in the preferences dialog in
the third tab 'SGF Loading'. You have to select the encoding before
loading a file. You might need to try a bit which encoding fits your
language best. It was tested on japanese (windows and linux), chinese
(linux) and korean (windows) systems and worked.

0.0.4 comes with a basic implementation of XML support.
Currently only reading XML files is done, saving not yet.
Reading XML works with files saved from Jago, but not yet all XML
are loaded properly. Please consider this currently as a draft, XML
code is under development still.

qGo now supports old SGF and MGT files that can sometimes be found
on the web. If it's an old format, it's automatically noticed and qGo
converts the file upon loading into new SGF format.
I found some of those files at the download section of the german
go association.


Copyright (C) 2001-2006 Emmanuel Beranger, Johannes Mesa, Peter Strempel

This software is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
See the file COPYING for more informations or visit http://www.fsf.org/.

The Windows version is linked against the Qt non-commercial edition
and also published under the GPL with the following exception applying
to the Windows version of qGo:

  As a special exception, the author gives permission to link this program
  with Qt non-commercial edition, and distribute the resulting executable,
  without including the source code for the Qt non-commercial edition in the
  source distribution.

Any feedback is welcome.

Emmanuel Beranger <e2(at!)beranger.com.fr>
Johannes Mesa <frosla(at!)gmx.at>
Peter Strempel <pstrempel(at!)t-online.de>