CatMark - Markdown(CommonMark) printer for the terminal
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CatMark - Markdown(CommonMark) printer for the terminal

What's that ?

CatMark is a Markdown (following the CommonMark spec) printer for the terminal. It parses your and displays it with color ANSI sequences - it works in your regular Linux/MacOSX terminal, and should even work under Windows 10's terminal (untested though). Embedded source code is syntax-highlighted according to the source-type tag. CatMark is written in Rust, so it's a regular binary that has no runtime dependencies, and should be quite fast.


The only problem is that it's largely unfinished for now:

  • line breaks aren't pretty
  • links and footnotes aren't displayed very well
  • images have only their title and link displayed
  • tables are not recognized at all and will be very ugly
  • the code in general is ugly and will probably panic on some of your files
  • I've written that largely for fun and I'm not sure I'll finish it one day

CatMark in action