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The Betaflight Open Source Flight Controller Firmware Project

Betaflight Betaflight

Betaflight is flight controller software (firmware) and associated software used to configure and fly multi-rotor craft and fixed wing craft.


  1. betaflight betaflight Public

    Open Source Flight Controller Firmware

    C 8k 2.9k

  2. betaflight-configurator betaflight-configurator Public

    Cross platform configuration tool for the Betaflight firmware

    JavaScript 2.4k 858

  3. blackbox-log-viewer blackbox-log-viewer Public

    Interactive log viewer for flight logs recorded with blackbox

    JavaScript 431 141

  4. betaflight-tx-lua-scripts betaflight-tx-lua-scripts Public

    Collection of scripts to configure Betaflight from your TX (currently only supported in OpenTx)

    Lua 571 142

  5. firmware-presets firmware-presets Public

    Configuration Snippets for the Betaflight Flight Controller Firmware

    JavaScript 93 527

  6. config config Public

    C 21 74


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