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🎁 Extract Keynote presentations to JSON and Markdown using a simple script.
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🎁 Extract Keynote presentations to JSON and Markdown using a simple script.

What it does

You can use this script to take a Keynote presentation and build a JSON representation of it that looks like this:

  "title": "Slide 1",
  "slide": "keynote-modular-design.001.png",
  "notes": "Hey everyone!\u000aToday I\u2019m going to speak about Modular Design."

This is useful if you prepare your slides using Presenter Notes, and write them in such a way that you could then create blog posts with pretty much the same contents.

You can then use the Node.js script to automate the uploading of the slides, and then build some custom Markdown representation of your slides and presenter notes side by side.

AppleScript Compilation

Compile both scripts from source:

osacompile -o json.scpt json.applescript
osacompile -o keynote-extractor.scpt keynote-extractor.applescript

AppleScript Usage

Open your presentation in Keynote. Then, open keynote-extractor.scpt with Script Editor. Run the script. The JSON file, a README and an image for each slide will be placed in a folder like ~/Desktop/keynote-$PRESENTATION_TITLE.

Node.js Usage

Once you've successfully executed the AppleScript program, you can run node . ~/Desktop/keynote-$PRESENTATION_TITLE to upload the slides. It will update ~/Desktop/keynote-$PRESENTATION_TITLE/ with a better representation that's ready to paste and publish anywhere Markdown is supported.



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