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Kelpie is a SIP to XMPP gateway

It attempts to make sip endpoints appear as xmpp endpoints and vice-versa

The gateway only focuses on protocol translation, a SIP proxy (such as Kamailio) and a federated xmpp server are required for routing.


This is the easiest case, the xmpp client adds user@{kelpie.hostname} to his contact list, this gets translated as user@{outbound.siproxy} and the proxy routes teh messages


This direction is more complicated.
The sip proxy should identify that user is actually an xmpp endpoint and forwards to the kelpie gateway.  Kelpie has a mapping of "user" to xmpp ids in it's properties file,  if it is found it forwards the message to the specified xmpp server.

would mapp sent to sip:user@{kelpie.hostname} to

if you don't want to use the mapping file, the format
sip:user+xmpp-server@{kelpie.hostname} can also be used instead
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