Reversi game for the C class (LC4)
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This is a Reversi game for the C class. The project ended on the 20/05/2012, so this repository is now open.


  • Compiling: make
  • Playing: ./othello --play

Use these commands to play:

  • affiche : print the board
  • coups : print possible moves
  • newgame : new game
  • score : print the current player's score

To make a move, the command has 3 chars: The first is the name of the current player (B for White (Blanc in French), and N for Black (Noir in French)). The next two chars are PA if the player wants to pass his turn, or a square name (e.g. B6, H2). For example, if the current player is White and wants to play in C3, type:


The program responds with "OK" if the move is ok, "ERREUR …" if there is an error.