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PHP CS Fixer for Laravel 5.5+

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This package allows to use PHP-CS-Fixer right into Laravel 5.5+ applications to format PHP code.


Full documentation is available at

Quick start

Install this package using Composer.

$ composer require bgaze/laravel-php-cs-fixer

To customize the configuration, publish it:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --tag=bgaze-php-cs-fixer-config

Notes : Configuration returns an instance of \PhpCsFixer\Config and will be published into a .php_cs.dist file at the Laravel installation root.

Use php-cs-fixer:fix artisan command to fix files in your application:

$ php-cs-fixer:fix [options] path1 [path2 path3 ...]

Use php_cs_fixer() helper to fix files from the code:

// Quick.

// Advanced.
php_cs_fixer(['path/to/file/or/dir/1', 'path/to/file/or/dir/2'], [
    '--allow-risky' => true,
    '--dry-run' => true,
    '--config' => 'path/to/a/config/file'