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A basic template for creating an analytical GUI in Python.
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Python GUI Template

A basic template for making a GUI in Python using Traits. It gives you access to a matplotlib canvas object and Mayavi 3D rendering object which can be dynamically updated by adjusting the objects on the right panel. Tabbed viewing is also enabled by default.


There are two options to get you going, either:

  • you will need Enthought's EPD distribution (32-bit, not 64-bit as it does not include Mayavi) which can be found here. You will need an academic license to access it for free (simply requires a .edu email address). Go to the next step to install EPD if this is your choice (or if you are a beginner).


  • if you don't use EPD, you will need to change the file to have the header not use EPD's distribution. Simply replace the following where appropriate (you will need TraitsUI v5.0 or above however):
from traits.api import *
from traitsui.api import View,UItem, Item, Group, Heading, Label, \
        HSplit, Handler, CheckListEditor, EnumEditor, TableEditor, FileEditor, \
        ListEditor, Tabbed, VGroup, HGroup, RangeEditor, Spring, spring
from import NoButtons
from traitsui.wx.editor import Editor
from traitsui.wx.basic_editor_factory import BasicEditorFactory
from traitsui.api import ColorTrait

If you do not have TraitsUI v5.0 or above, then you will get black backgrounds and odd interface errors. This took me quite some time to solve so please heed my advice!

If you are a beginner or new to Python, I suggest you install EPD (pacakge manager for Python and its tools):

bash ('rh3' for older operating systems) or just use the .dmg image for OSX.

Running GUI

Run ipython then run or python outright. If you get errors, you will likely also have to install wxpython. Install via conda install wxpython. If you are on Mac OSX, you then run via pythonw On Ubuntu you just run python

Adding your own features.

There is very comprehensive documentation on using Traits here and a lot of tutorials. I will be giving a few introductory sessions on my blog as well.


Detault view upon launch.

An example of the some of the features within Traits.
Example 1

Gnarly, dynamic updates!
Example 2

Example of enabling options when particular criteria are met.
Example 3

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