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Conda r skeleton helpers (for conda-forge)

Please use this script to create recipes for R packages on CRAN that follow the conventions used by the conda-forge project. It runs conda skeleton cran and then cleans up the result. Please mention in your Pull Request to staged-recipes that you used the helper script to expedite the review process. Also, please only submit one recipe per Pull Request.


You will need conda and conda-build 3 (3.17.2+) installed:

conda install -c conda-forge conda-build

To use the Python script, you will need to install Python 3.

Alternatively, to use the R script run.R, you will need to install R and the stringr package.

Either of these scripts can be run on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Using the script

  1. Put the package name(s) in packages.txt in the form of r-foobar

  2. Add your GitHub username to the list of maintainers in extra.yaml

  3. Execute the helper script using one of the following methods:

    a. Run the Python script in the Terminal


    b. Run the R script in the Terminal

    Rscript run.R

    c. Source the R script in the R console


    d. Run the bash script in the Terminal (for backwards compatibility. This runs the Python script)

  4. Please check the recipe(s) manually. Especially the LICENSE section - this sections should not contain the word license.

  5. Move the recipe directory to staged-recipes/recipes