Detecting text by linking segments.
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Detecting Oriented Text in Natural Images by Linking Segments (


The project is written in Python3 and C++ and relies on TensorFlow v1.0 or newer. We have only tested it on Ubuntu 14.04. If you are using other Linux versions, we suggest using Docker. CMake (version >= 2.8) is required to compile the C++ code. Install TensorFlow (GPU-enabled) by following the instructions on The project requires no other Python packages.

On Ubuntu 14.04, install the required packages by

sudo apt-get install cmake
sudo pip install --upgrade tensorflow-gpu


The project uses to execute commands for compiling code and running training and testing programs. For installation, execute

./ build_op

in the project directory to compile the custom TensorFlow operators written in C++. To remove the compiled binaries, execute

./ clean_op

Dataset Preparation

See ``tool/''


./ <exp-directory> train


See ``''