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pbnh is our implementation of a pastebin server using flask and postgres or sqlite

It is highly derived from silverp1's and buhman's project pb and they deserve the recognition for this idea.

The syntax highlighting is done using codemirrors javascript library.

The icons are from Font Awesome

pbnh requires at least Python 3.3

Table of Contents


Note, psycopg2 is a C extension module for postgres. You can grab the dependencies by either installing python-psycopg2 from your package manager, or grab libpq-dev as well as python3-dev and gcc if you don't already have them.

To install the pbnh package:

$ git clone https://github.com/bhanderson/pbnh.git
$ cd pbnh
$ pip install .



To configure pbnh, copy the sample config to ~/.config/pbnh/config.yml and edit it as desired. You can also use the default config in conf.py.

To configure postgres (assuming debian/ubuntu, other distros should be similar):

# apt-get install postgres
# su - postgres
$ createuser -s $USERNAME
python3 db/createdb.py


You can create pastes with the webui or though the cli using curl. Currently the only way to upload anything other than text or a redirect is through the cli.

Curl has an option for a form id, you can use c or content to specify the contents of a paste.

curl -F content=@file.txt servername.com

Or you can cat a file

cat file.txt | curl -F c=@- servername.com

asciicast We also support strings

curl -F content="hello world!" servername.com

To upload a redirect change the form id to r

curl -F r="https://www.google.com" servername.com

There are three different inputs allowed in a curl command they are content, sunset, and mime. Sunset and Mime are optional.

content or c

The content is exactly what it sounds like. The content of the file or the string data you want to paste and can be seen in the examples above.

redirect or r

You can submit a url to be a 302 redirect by specifying the form as r or redirect


The sunset is the amount of time you want this paste to be available. If sunset is specified you may specify for it to last a maximum of 24 hours. If unspecified the sunset value is 0 and the paste will not be removed.

Currently there is no support for deleting pastes after you create them with a sunset. The sunset is set but no process is cleaning them up.

curl -F content=@file.txt -F sunset=10 servername.com


The mime type is the type of file. If you want automatic syntax highlighting through the webui or want an image to be displayed you can set the mimetype. The default is plain text, pbnh uses python-magic to attempt to guess the buffer mimetype if none is specified. A list of mimetypes can be found here. Only specify the second half of the mimetype. For example for the mimetype 'application/pdf' only specify pdf.

curl -F content=@file.txt -F mime=plain servername.com


You can render files as the browser would want to see them by specifying . in the url Currently things we render with javascript are

  • Markdown (.md)
  • RST (.rst)
  • asciinema (.asciinema)


To install the dependencies required for running tests, simply run

pip install -r tests_require.txt

Tests can be ran by running nosetests in the pbnh directory or by specifying a specific test