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BASC Archiver

The BASC Archiver is a Python library (packaged with the thread-archiver script) used to archive imageboard threads. It uses the 4chan API with the py4chan wrapper. Developers are free to use the BASC-Archiver library for some interesting third-party applications, as it is licensed under the LGPLv3.

It comes with a CLI interface for archiving threads, the thread-archiver, with a GUI interface under development.

The thread-archiver is designed to archive all content from a 4chan thread:

  • Download all images and/or thumbnails in given threads.
  • Download all child threads (threads referred to in a post).
  • Download a JSON dump of thread comments using the 4chan API.
  • Download the HTML page.
  • Convert links in HTML to use the downloaded images.
  • Download CSS/JS and convert HTML to use them.
  • Keep downloading until 404 (with a user-set delay).
  • Can be restarted at any time.
  • Threaded downloading to download multiple files at the same time.

The thread-archiver replaces the typical “Right-click Save As, Web Page Complete” action, which does not save full-sized images or JSON. It works as a guerilla, static HTML alternative to Fuuka.


  thread-archiver <url>... [options]
  thread-archiver -h | --help
  thread-archiver -v | --version

  --path=<string>                Path to folder where archives will be saved [default: ./archive]
  --runonce                      Downloads the thread as it is presently, then exits
  --thread-check-delay=<float>   Delay between checks of the same thread [default: 90]
  --delay=<float>                Delay between file downloads [default: 0]
  --poll-delay=<float>           Delay between thread checks [default: 20]
  --dl-threads-per-site=<int>    Download threads to use per site [default: 5]
  --dl-thread-wait=<float>       Seconds to wait between downloads on each thread [default: 0.1]
  --nothumbs                     Don't download thumbnails
  --thumbsonly                   Download thumbnails, no images
  --nojs                         Don't download javascript
  --nocss                        Don't download css
  --ssl                          Download using HTTPS
  --follow-children              Follow threads linked in downloaded threads
  --follow-to-other-boards       Follow linked threads, even if from other boards
  --silent                       Suppresses mundane printouts, prints what's important
  -v --verbose                   Printout more information than normal
  -h --help                      Show help
  -V --version                   Show version


thread-archiver --delay 5 --thumbsonly


The BASC-Archiver is designed for Python 3.x, and can be installed on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.

(Python2 has intractable ascii->unicode conversion errors, whereas Python 3.x stores all strings in unicode, so we strongly recommend using 3.x.)

New stable releases can be found on our Releases page, or installed with the PyPi package BASC-Archiver.

Linux and OSX

  1. Make sure you have Python3 and pip3 installed. On Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora/Red Hat/CentOS, install the packages python3 and python3-pip . Here's a Mac OS X Installation Guide.
  2. Run pip3 install basc-archiver
    • Linux users must run this command as root, or prefix the command with sudo.
  3. Run thread-archiver

Threads will be saved in ./archive, but you can change that by supplying a directory with the --path= argument.


  1. Download the latest release from our page.
  2. Open up a command prompt window (cmd.exe), and move to the directory with thread-archiver.exe
  3. Run thread-archiver.exe

Using the Windows version will become simpler once we finish writing the GUI.

Android (CLI)

Note: This is a temporary solution until we put together some kind of Android GUI app.

Thanks to the QPython interpreter, you can effortlessly run the BASC-Archiver on your Android phone.

  1. Install the QPython app from Google Play.

  2. Open the QPython app, and swipe left to reach the menu.

  3. Tap Package Index. Then scroll down and tap Pip Console.

  4. Run the following commands (after starting the script):

    pip install requests
    pip install basc-archiver

Now you can just open QPython, tap My QPython, tap pip_console, and run the following command with your own thread URL:

thread-archiver --path=/sdcard/

To run the script in the background, press the back button, and tap OK at the Run in Background prompt. You can stop the script anytime using Vol Down + C.

  • Note: On Android (CLI), it is important to set the path to /sdcard/, so the thread dump can be accessed from the /sdcard/archives/4chan/ folder.
  • Note: To update the BASC-Archiver on Android (CLI), you must open QPython, press the 3-dot menu button, scroll down and tap Reset Private Space. Then just reinstall the BASC-Archiver.


Bibliotheca Anonoma Imageboard Thread Archiver (BASC Archiver)

Copyright (C) 2014 Antonizoon Overtwater, Daniel Oaks. Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.